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Practical Problem Solving

Duration : 2 Days


To provide delegates with a thorough understanding of:
  •     How to face the problem and how to analyze it
  •     How to make the team work to solve the problem
  •     Take the containment action
  •     Find the root cause and take the corrective and preventive action
  •     How to prevent their reoccurrence to fulfill the efficiency cost.
Course Description
  •     Practical Problem Solving Definition
  •     Evaluation Competency and Teamwork
  •     Initial Problem Perception
  •     What is actually Happening and What should be happening
  •     The Laws of Write the Problem
  •     Breakdown the problem and Narrow down process
  •     Potential Causes and direct causes
  •     How to Investigation
  •     Collecting the suggestion with Round Table Methode
  •     Find The Root Cause with Matrix Analysis
  •     Confirm the Root cause
  •     Make the report with 8D method
  •     Workshop to take the practical problem solving
Duration : 2 days