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Customer Satisfaction

Duration : 1 Days


To provide delegates with a thorough understanding of:
  • Customers Satisfaction Survey, How to find the expectation and perception the customers and how to analysis the survey result to achieved the customers expectation
Course Description
  •     Customer Satisfaction
  •     Type of Models of Customers satisfaction
  •     Gap Model
  •     Integrated with QFD (Quality Function Deployment)
  •     Introduction SERVQUAL (Service Quality)
  •     5 Dimension for Customer Satisfaction Survey
  •     Identification Expectation and Perception Customer
  •     The benefit for Customer Satisfaction survey
  •     The Deep Deeper analysis technique for Pre Survey
  •     The Questionnaire Development
  •     Sampling Technique
  •     Workshop to do the Customer satisfaction survey
  •     Internal Customer Survey
  •     Gap Analysis for Improvement
  •     Development House of Quality