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MSA (Measurement System Analysis)

Duration : 2 Days


  • To provide company representatives with a thorough understanding of concept of measurement, data, process information, develop gage R & R (Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility) and application in Industry
Course Description
  •     What is MSA and Why MSA is important?
  •     Benefit of measurement data
  •     Definition and quality of measurement system
  •     Statistical properties (Bias, repeatability and reproducibility, stability and linearity)
  •     Concept each statistical properties and part to part variation
  •     Preparation to develop measurement system study
  •     Guideline to develop stability, bias, linearity, gage R & R for short method and long method (for variable data)
  •     The advantages and disadvantages to conduct stability, bias, linearity
  •     Case study to develop stability, linearity and bias
  •     Graphical analysis
  •     Workshop to develop gage R & R for short method, analysis and action taken with the result
  •     Concept within part variation and procedure within part variation
  •     Workshop to develop gage R & R for long method
  •     Attribute gage study
  •     Example and analysis of attribute data
Duration : 2 Days