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SPC (Statistical Process Control)

Duration : 2 Days


To provide a thorough understanding of Statistical Process Control (SPC) that will delegate to :
  •     SPC as an effective tool for improvement
  •     How to implement Control Chart, Process Performance and Process Capability in the manufacturing
Course Description
  •     SPC Concept versus Product Inspection
  •     Concept of Common Causes versus Special Causes
  •     Control Chart as an effective tool for analyzing and monitoring processes
  •     Construction and use of control chart
  •     Analyzing Control Chart Data and what actions
  •     Case Study and Workshop for attributes data
  •     Process Capability = “ Cp, Cpk and Process Performance” = Pp, Ppk
  •     How To Analysis the Cp, Cpk, Ppk
  •     Relationship between Capability Process and Production Part Approval Process
  •     Case Study & Workshop of Pp, Ppk, Cp, & Cpk
  •     Workshop of Control Chart for variables & attributes data, Pp, Ppk, &   Cp, Cpk.
Duration : 2 days