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Design of Experiments (Taguchi Method)

Duration : 2 Days


Taguchi methods are statistical methods developed by Genichi Taguchi to improve the quality of manufactured goods and, more recently, to biotechnology, marketing and advertising. Taguchi methods are considered controversial among some traditional Western statisticians but others accept many of his concepts as being useful additions to the body of knowledge.
Taguchis principal contributions to statistics are:
  •     Taguchi loss-function
  •     The philosophy of off-line quality control; and
  •     Innovations in the design of experiments.
Course Description
  •     DOE Classification
  •     Basic Principle
  •     Experiment of Factors
  •     Steps of DOE
  •     Duncan Test
  •     Cube Plot dan Main Effect Plot
  •     Data of Analysis
  •     Taguchi Methode
  •     Case Study and workshop by Minitab Sofware
  •     Factorial design and Taguchi approach
  •     Design Product or Process
  •     Orthogonal Array