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QFD (Quality Function Deployment)

Duration : 1 Days


To provide a thorough understanding of training effectiveness principles that will delegate to
  •     Identify customer needs and wants as voice of the customer (VOC)
  •     Identify the engineering characteristics of products or services that meets VOC
  •     Setting development targets and test methods for the products or services
QFD helps transform customer needs (the voice of the customer [VOC]) into engineering characteristics (and appropriate test methods) for a product or service, prioritising each product or service characteristic while simultaneously setting development targets for product or service. QFD is designed to help planners focus on characteristics of a new or existing product or service from the viewpoints of market segments, company, or technology-development needs. The technique yields graphs and matrices.

Course Description
  •     QFD Concept
  •     QFD Methodology
  •     QFD Application, Structure and Process QFD
  •     House of Quality component
  •     QFD Steps
  •     SERVQUAL (Service Quality)
  •     Questionaire Development
  •     Sampling
  •     Voice of Customers
  •     Development Target and Test Methode
  •     Engineering Characteristic
  •     House of Quality development
  •     Analysis and Data
  •     Priority of Improvement