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Mistake Proofing (POKA YOKE)

Duration : 1 Days


Helps to sustain a solution by eliminating the possibility that something can be set outside the desired level or configuration, Warns the process operator before goes outside limits so preventative action can be taken.
Mistake proofing can be used alone or with either risk management or statistical process control to sustain a solution.

Course Description

  •     Concept of Mistake Proofing
  •     Why Mistake Happens?
  •     Type of Mistake
  •     The Benefit of Mistake Proofing
  •     3 Elements inside Mistake Proofing
  •     Risk Management Analysis
  •     How to implement Mistake Proofing and Who can implement Mistake proofing
  •     Mistake Proofing Function
  •     Mistake Proofing Verification
  •     Workshop to develop Mistake Proofing
Duration : 1 Day