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FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)

Duration : 2 Days


  •     To Analysis the potential from product or process and also the effect
  •     Identify the action to make defect disappear
  •     To reduce the potential of failure
Course Description
  •     Concept of FMEA and What is FMEA, and why FMEA is important?
  •     Quality and Reliability
  •     How to develop FMEA Procedure
  •     The Benefit of FMEA
  •     Guideline to develop FMEA and Type of FMEA (Process FMEA and Design FMEA)
  •     How to implement FMEA and Who can implement FMEA
  •     Preparation of FMEA
  •     Workshop to develop FMEA Analysis and action taken of the FMEA will be challenged during the workshop
  •     Procedures to develop FMEA and analysis of the results, and actions taken.
  •     Case Study