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SA 8000 Social Accountability

Duration : 1 Days

SA 8000

The Objective

  •     Participants learn how to analyze the standard’s criteria & prepare for social accountability system process
  •     To develop, maintain, and apply socially acceptable workplace practices i
  •     To Develop the system to be integrated with the quality management system
Course Description
  •     What does SA 8000 mean? And where did SA 8000 come from?
  •     The benefit of SA 8000 and who benefit from SA8000 certification?
  •     Definitions of terminology SA 8000
  •     How to combined the SA8000 and ISO 9001:2000 System?
  •     Government Regulation for Labor
  •     The elements of The Standard
  •     How to build a SA 8000 compliant system
  •     What are the requirements of the social accountability system process?
  •     Workshop to develop policies SA8000 including safety, anti discrimination, wages, overtime, child labor
Duration : 1 Day