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Internal Quality Audit

Duration : 2 Days



To provide a thorough understanding of audit principles that will delegate to:
  •     Understanding of ISO 9001
  •     Develop audit program and schedule
  •     Plan, perform and report internal quality audit
  •     Identify Corrective Action and Verify of findings
  •     Identify areas for improvement
Course Description
  •     Review and Explanation of the Requirements
  •     Audit Principle and Objective
  •     Scope and Audit Method including Selection of Auditor
  •     Duties, Responsibilities and personality of Auditor
  •     Process Analysis Tools and Audit Planning
  •     Workshop to develop checklist audit
  •     Conducting the Audit, 
  •     Interview and Communication
  •     Case study, Conflict and Sampling Method
  •     Workshop to conduct simulation audit. (LIVE AUDIT) 
  •     The participants will be get feedback, inclusive what the auditors should & should not do during the audit.
  •     Audit Reporting and Verification
  •     Major, Minor and Observation Finding
  •     Corrective and Preventive Action
  •     Summary Audit and Evaluation of Auditor Competence
  •     Audit Report Case Study & Examination