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BRC (British Retail Consortium) first issued the Global Food Standard in 1998 with the intention of eliminating multiple audits by retailer and third party auditors on food manufacturers supplying UK retailers with their own brand products. This standard is used as the benchmark for food safety management and has been extensively revised to reflect EU legislation and continuous best practice requirements. It possesses a comprehensive scope covering all areas of product safety and legality issues and addresses part of the due diligence required of both the supplier and the retailer. The principal requirements of the standard are the adoption and implementation of a HACCP system, a documented and effective quality management system and a control of factory environmental standards, products, processes and personnel.

The BRC standard has now become the internationally recognised mark of excellence. Certification to the standard verifies technical competence and aids suppliers, brand owners and retailers fulfilment of legal obligations. It also safeguards the consumer.

The retailers, food producers, importers, caterers, ingredient suppliers and the food service industry can all benefit greatly from this essential standard. It is currently used by suppliers in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.